I have discovered some amazing crocheted afghans designers.  Jen Tyler lives in Cape Town and has created several beautiful patterns that I absolutely love creating. 

Below you will see price and information for each of the designs I currently offer.  As time goes on I will be offering other designs as well, so check back often to see one you love.  All of these designs are rich in color and texture.


To inquire about ordering a hand-made afghan, please click HERE

In the comments sections, please list the color way and afghan you are ordering.  If you want High Tea also include the center you prefer.


  Payments will be accepted through PayPal, Square or Venmo. I will contact you once your order is received and an invoice will be sent to you. 

A deposit of 50% is required prior to starting your afghan and is non-refundable as it will be used to purchase yarn specifically for your afghan. 

The remainder and shipping fee (if applicable) is required prior to mailing 


Each of these afghans are individually crocheted and made to order.  Since they are full of texture and color.  creation takes between 4 and 8 weeks to create, depending on the one you choose. 


Please click HERE to view information on colorways.



THE AMANZI - Price $300 - $375 depending on how many colors

 Completed size is approx. 60' x 60'

Amanzi is Zulu and Xhosa word for water.  These are the most widely spoken languages in South Africa.  This is where Jen Tyler lives and get her inspiration from. 


HIGH TEA - Price $300 - $375 depending on how many colors
 Completed size is approx. 50' x 50'

The Green Tea Afghan is an inspiration from garden, flowers, and botanical delights. The center of this afghan can be two different flower arrangements.  

Green Tea CenterGreen Tea CenterGreen Tea Center High Tea CenterHigh Tea CenterHigh Tea Center

THE KAROO - Price $400 - $475 depending on how many colors 

 Completed size approx. 65' x 65'

The Karoo is a semi-desert natural region of South Africa. No exact definition of what constitutes the Karoo is available, so its extent is also not precisely defined. The Karoo is partly defined by its topography, geology and climate, and above all, its low rainfall, arid air, cloudless skies, and extremes of heat and cold. The Karoo also hosted a well-preserved ecosystem hundreds of million years ago which is now represented by many fossils.

THE OCTO-GRANNY - Price $300 - $400 depending on how big you want it and the colors 

This is a beautifully textured granny square.  When put all together this is very nice textured design.