Currently there are 44 colorways in the slide show

Feel free to check out my Pinterest Page where I collect colorway 

As I have explained, each afghan is handmade to order.  They are all very time consuming as they are filled with layers, upon layers of textures.  Each afghan, depending on the colorways you choose takes between 4 and 8 weeks to create.

Believe it or not the fewer the colors the harder it is to create. Planning for colors to ensure beauty is not as easy as one might think.  Each afghan can have no less than 4 colors. 

Originally, I had not planned on offering colorways, but everyone has their own likes and dislikes of color.  So, I have provided some colorways below you can choose from.  The colorways you see below may not be able to be matched exactly.  They are meant as examples and are inspirational. 

Yarn in all colors is not available year-round.  Yarn is also not available in every color known to man.  Colors are seasonal.  All colors come in different shades from pastels, bright, warm, and cool.  So, some of the browns, oranges and more fall like colors are only available  in the fall.  Likewise, pastels, spring and summer like colors are only available in the spring and summer.

As I said, I will not always be able to match the colorways exactly.  For instance, if you pick a colorway that has brown, orange, yellow, green and red.  I will match the colors as close as I can, but they will all be either a warm shade or cool shade and will look beautiful together. 

Check out the examples below  and you will see all they examples I have chosen are beautiful....the colors go together naturally.  When you order through the contact me page, please remember to state the colorway you have chosen.